About Me:

Salisbury Cathedral, a view I see everyday

Hi - I’m Veronica and I’ve been in communications all my working life as a journalist, magazine editor, PR and marketing professional.

From the first day I, a trainee reporter, walked into that terrifying newsroom and sat down in front of that Olivetti to write up my story on a local wedding, the golden rule for clear, error-free, grammatically correct text as the first requirement for any published work has never left me.

Proofreading and copyediting, I learnt then, are the essential skills that support and protect even the most accomplished leader writer. They avert disastrous howlers, nimbly avoid grammatical potholes and can transform humdrum text into sparkling prose.

As a PR profressional, I have worked with and for a broad range of organisations, from a FTSE-listed multinational to a digital start-up, creating, developing and implementing a variety of strategies and campaigns.

And I found that the key element for success for each and every one lay in delivering consistent, crystal clear messages to the target audiences, be they shareholders, stakeholders or end users.

Whatever the medium or platform – newspaper or website, blog or company report – the golden rules I first learnt in that newsroom and then honed in the business environment of PR are even more relevant today .

Let my skill and knowledge ensure that your communications are as you want them to be.

Veronica Kruger has completed the course Proofreading Pro Let's Begin the exciting journey of working together, contact me. SfEP Entry Level Member