My rates are competitive and in line with industry standards. As a guide, for proofreading and light copyediting, allow £25.00 p.h. / 10 MS pages / 2,500 words. I charge a minimum rate of £50.00.

But, of course, each job is different! Your brief will be the basis of my quote so the more information you can give me, the better.

A good checklist should include:
     From the description of my services, which one best suits your needs?
  A brief overall description of the project (e.g. proofreading a novel, reviewing an existing website.)
  For any text-heavy project, its length / number of words
  Is it a one-off or part of a series, such as blog posts?
  Will it require background research and fact-checking?
  Are you a non-native English writer and would like the text to be presented in colloquial or business English?
  Your deadline
    Depending on the job specification I shall quote you either a fixed price or an hourly rate, together with the payment schedule. I generally ask for a deposit of £100.00 on any job worth £500.00 or more but this depends on what the job entails. All prices are quoted in sterling, and payments can be made via PayPal, by bank transfer, by cheque.

...And How I Work

I am happy to work either on- or off-line. You simply email me your project in Word, as a PDF or post it to me as a manuscript, if you prefer (in which case please ensure it is typed with double spacing). I can either email the corrected and amended file back to you, or use a Cloud-based programme such as Google Docs. Or, indeed, post the MS back on completion.

Most importantly for you to know is that I never accept any assignment that I cannot complete. My reputation is my most valuable asset, and your good opinion of the work I do for you is the cornerstone of my reputation. I always aim to ensure that each client is absolutely satisfied with the end result; that I have truly provided an added value to the project.

Veronica Kruger has completed the course Proofreading Pro Let's Begin the exciting journey of working together, contact me. SfEP Entry Level Member