Proofreading is more than just fixing commas. And your content is more than just words on a page.

Proofreading takes your message and refines it into a flawless experience for your audience. Yes, it involves correcting spelling, grammar, formatting and word usage. It means that your voice is heard as you want it to be. It is the last step before your message goes public.

It is essential to take into account where your audience is located, too. Are they used to reading UK English or US English? My proofreading skill delivers consistency of expression as well as of grammar and spelling. Style guides such as The Chicago Manual of Style, The Associated Press Style Book, Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary (for US text), New Oxford Style Guide, The Concise Oxford English Dictionary, Practical English Usage (for UK English) are my bibles!


Light Copyediting

Copyediting is a deeper, more technical approach to text. Aside from correcting spelling, punctuation, and basic grammar, light copyediting also involves research to verify basic facts, ensuring consistency in style, creating style guides, and flagging content inconsistencies and "holes" in the project. Also, trademark and copyright issues that arise will be flagged.

Its prime aim is to preserve the writer’s voice and the brand’s style by using a raft of editorial tools and employing best practice. Above all, by identifying any problem areas and suggesting solutions or alternatives.

Proofreading and light copyediting combine to provide a ”high-level” proofreading package . Each one is a stand-alone; the package, though, is recommended for anyone who requires a thorough review of their text undertaken by a trained professional.

My Proofreading and Copyediting services cover:
    + All digital media content, blogs and online features, scripts and transcriptions
    + Books and Ebooks (fiction and non-fiction)
    + Manuals, guides and flyers
    + Catalogues and brochures
    + All print and broadcast content
    + Marketing and business communications

Website Support

Your website is your heart and your head . Whatever you are promoting – your terrific self-published book that deserves the widest possible readership, your great new product range designed to attract online shoppers, your established brand that needs some TLC to communicate more effectively – your website is your strongest single route to your audience.

It must stand out. It must attract visitors in. And it must hold them.

This is where truly compelling copy is central. You know who you want to reach out to. You know what you want to say. Does your text truly reflect these needs? Does it contain those key words for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? Do the images complement and enhance the words, giving your website an unmissable presence in a crowded marketplace?

And, crucially, does your website generate the response you seek?

I shall work with you and your website design team to ensure that look, functionality and content work in harmony for optimum stand-out. That the text is engaging and audience responsive. That the text is accurate and that every small important detail is included. That your brand values are enshrined. Above all, that your message reaches your target audience as a clarion call to action cutting through all the digital hub-bub that surrounds us today.


Content Creation and Marketing Support

The strategy you have devised to gain and retain your target audience’s trust and loyalty is the cornerstone to your online success.
    It is vital that all the communications employed to realise its aims are:
  + Consistent
  + Flawless
  + Engaging
  + Reliable and believable

Proofreading is an essential element to ensure that the finished text is factually correct and error-free, that the formatting is uniform and that the brand’s style is upheld throughout.

I can undertake all this – and much more. My PR and marketing experience means that I shall follow and accurately interpret your creative brief. That I have strong written and verbal communication skills. That I am equally comfortable working with a team or independently. That time management is embedded in my DNA. And that I am a a fiend for detail and a born problem solver!

Your content marketing campaign may comprise many elements: videos, photos, illustrations, blog posts, online text and printed guides. My project management skills will deliver a seamless result across all platforms and media, so that your brand’s USP is always at the core of every message, in whichever medium it is presented.

Veronica Kruger has completed the course Proofreading Pro Let's Begin the exciting journey of working together, contact me. SfEP Entry Level Member